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New construction plumbing is the development of original plumbing systems. Our construction department is involved in the following areas:
~ Residential remodels and renovation
~ Commercial remodels or tenant improvement
~ New housing, both single and multiple-family dwellings
~ Commercial and institutional building

In addition to the above services, Total Plumbing is experienced in:

~ Installation of grease traps and interceptors
~ Handicap code compliance improvements and upgrades
~ Project design and cost estimating
~ Plumbing system design and engineering consultations

At Total Plumbing, we strive to provide our customers with the very best in quality plumbing system installations. As we see it, a plumbing system should work in the background of daily living. A new system should not fail or have problems when it is put to use. Instead, our customers will enjoy the luxury of a hot bath, entertain from a custom kitchen and get fulfillment from the investment in their custom living or working environment. The plumbing system should be taken for granted.

We place responsible and knowledgeable plumbers on our jobs to ensure your plumbing system is installed correctly. We daily monitor quality on our work by checking every job we undertake. We place a foreman, who is competent to layout and oversee the plumbing system installation, on the job. We carefully follow job specifications and blueprints so that our customers get what they have requested and decided upon.


We are committed to provide you quality service from professionals who are Trained, Licensed, Bonded and Insured.

You, our customers are valuable and important to us. That means that you will always get quality service every time.

We can be quite competitive in all applications. Give us the opportunity to assure you that we can be a good resource for any plumbing needs.

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